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Direct Action Workshop – 23rd October – Midday to 5pm

Don’t miss the first of  DA Cardiff’s three workshops on direct action!

The workshops are being held in Roath at a really fantastic venue. For a number of reasons we are not publicising the name of the venue, but will, of course, send details to anyone genuinely interested in turning up (e-mail address below).

Whether you have taken part in direct action before or not, these workshops will allow you to explore ideas, tactics and different approaches to a political strategy that’s as old as the hills, but that constantly adapts and changes to new situations.

DA Cardiff is a new collective, but the people who are involved in it have a lot of experience in delivering training in direct action, law and in variety of political campaigning.

Day one (23rd October) includes:

      Why direct action? – What direct action is, why people feel it is needed, and what it can achieve.
      Diversity and groups in direct action – Providing support and working together.
      Tricks of the trade – Tactics and kit for effective direct action effective.
    Dealing with the law – Building confidence in dealing with authority.

    Days two and three will cover other equally interesting and essential stuff, such as staying safe in mass actions, getting the best from media coverage, and knowing the law!

    There’ll be a mixture of discussion, presentation, and activities that get you off your feet and moving around. Don’t expect just to come and be lectured at – we’ll be making you do some of the work!

    The session is from Midday to 5pm.  There will of course be plenty of breaks, so please feel free to bring your own refreshments.

    Amazingly, you get all this for free!! Although we do ask for voluntary donations towards the cost of hiring the space.

    To book, or for more info, e-mail


    Cardiff Freshers’ Fayre sees some Direct Action..

    To read the article clearly in Gair Rhydd, check page 4!

    It’s about sticking together, right?

    Great video from Brighton Uncut!

    Direct Action Training Dates

    Protest Against NHS Cuts Cardiff

    We joined Busk Against the Cuts and Cardiff Against the Cuts to protest against the imminent NHS cuts at the local health board AGM at County Hall.

    Here’s some video from the day!